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Medical IV Poles

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    IV poles are primarily used throughout the hospital and large medical facilities. IV poles in Pakistan are essential for a hospital because they hold medications and fluids for intravenous therapies. These IV poles Pakistan offer great patient mobility so they can move easily around the medical facility without interrupting intravenous medical therapies.

    Different types of IV poles in Pakistan are designed with a durable metal pole on a weighted base that has wheels and is topped with multiple hooks. The weighted base as well as the wheels offer extreme stability and maneuverability and allow patients to move without any restrictions.

    Most of the IV poles Pakistan online come with a height adjustability feature so they can promote smooth fluid transmission. The total number of hooks that exist on the pole determines the number of fluid bags needed to be hung. Although they have different appearances, but they commonly have one purpose. So, make sure you view our entire collection of IV poles in Pakistan first and then choose the one that looks suitable to your needs. Check out the IV poles prices first, and then buy the one for your hospital now.