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Rescue Stretchers

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  • Rescue Stretchers in Pakistan are the basic requirement of every hospital or medical facility as they offer quick support and assistance to patients in an emergency. They quickly transport injured or sick patients to the room for immediate care. Therefore, we offer the best rescue stretchers in Pakistan in different styles such as aluminum, basket, scoop, and even chair! Our rescue stretchers collection are from top brands so the patient can have ultimate comfort, stability, and support in times of emergency.

    Galvanized Steel Stretchers, Stainless Steel Stretchers, Plastic Stretchers, and Plastic Backboards in Pakistan are some of the popular stretcher types in our huge range collection. The best part is, we have stretchers for every budget and need. Whether you want a simple or affordable one or looking for a more expensive and comfortable stretcher, we can help you cover every need.

    Check out our vast collection of folding stretchers or rescue stretchers Pakistan or talk to our specialists for more details.