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Gynae Examination Table

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The gynecological examination table is one of the most important pieces of equipment required to examine the condition of the female during childbirth. The table is designed to cater to all kinds of gynecological, urological as well as proctological examinations. There is a great demand for gynae tables in Pakistan. So don’t look further when you have a platform like Surgicals that offers you to check the gynae table price in Pakistan.

Patients can easily lie down on the gynae examination couch as any simple general examination table. This is why Since the demand is high, you may find increased delivery table price in Pakistan. However, our rates are reasonable for every budget. Our tables come with a feature to lift the long back section, and then it becomes the perfect gynecological chair in Pakistan. It comes with all the features required for proper examination including Göpel leg supports as well as a retractable stainless-steel bowl.

You can select from these delivery tables in Pakistan that are available in various styles and designs. All of these tables are available at affordable costs. Select from these below labor table options or talk to our specialists on whatsapp to check gynae examination table price online. If you need more help about examination couch price in Pakistan, we are here to offer detailed assistance.