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AMBU BAG Adult/Child Taiwan



Part Number
  • RE-24120 Silicone Adult Resuscitator 1600 ml W/O POP-OFF
  • 100% Medical level silicone material.
  • Latex-free components.
  • Autoclaved and reusable features provides economical use.
  • All-in-one intake valve connects to oxygen reservoir bag directly.
  • Additional accessories and customized label are available.
  • Polysulfone type is option.
  • Diverter is able to attach PEEP valve.

    Parts Including :

    • RE-24120 Silicone Adult Resuscitator 1600 ml W/O POP-OFF.
    • SM-86151(PN-0005) Silicone mask Adult Large #5.
    • BR-62625(PN-0438) 2500ml Oxygen reservoir bag.
    • OT-83120(PN-0200) Disposable Oxygen Tubing 2 meter.
    • RE-24120 12 Pcs/Case


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