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Code: 5729

Brand: Conwell


■ Mild to severe ACL and/ or PLC, MCL and LCL instabilities.


■ Anatomic Frame allows the brace to conform to the leg’s shape and provide good support to the patient.
■ Aircraft grade aluminum frame made by 6061 aluminum alloy, provides extra strength and durability.
■ Light weight and user-friendly smooth edge for comfort and prevents unnecessary scratch and injury.
■ Tool-free, easy to use Conwell’s patented ROM hinge makes it easy and fast to  set range of motion, tool-free.
■ High density foam and soft foam lining for excellent immobilization and comfort.
■ Easy adjustable and removable straps ensure a custom fit.

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Size: S . M . L . XL ( RIGHT )

SIZE   (Measurements are taken        (Measurements are taken              Knee width
6”(15cm) above mid-patella)      6”(15cm) below mid-patella)
S         15.5 inch – 18 inch                   12.25 inch – 13.75 inch           3.5 inch – 4.0 inch
M         18 inch – 20.5 inch                   13.25 inch – 14.75 inch           4.0 inch – 4.5 inch
L         20.5 inch – 23 inch                   14.25 inch – 15.75 inch           4.5 inch – 5.0 inch
XL         23.5 inch – 25 inch                   15.25 inch – 16.75 inch           5.0 inch – 5.5 inch

THE CONWELL DEFENDER LIGAMENT KNEE BRACE is indicated for the patient with mild to severe ACL and/ or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities.

❶The fastening end of the strap is designed to be removable for the length adjustment purpose. If the strap is too long, remove the hook piece, trim the strap and reapply the hook piece (Fig.A).

❷Adjust the foam pads on the straps to suitable position for comfortable wearing. If the foam pad is too long, trim the unwanted part along the groove (Fig.B).

❸There are two options for the thickness of the Oval-shaped pads. Choose the required thickness for proper suppor.

❹For the first time wearing, place the brace to the knee joint and make bilateral ROM mechanisms align with the center of the knee joint.  (Fig.C). Align the relative positions of ROM mechanisms and knee joint by adjusting anterior straps ①、②. (Refer to the arrow instructions on the straps ) Fasten straps ①、②.  (Fig.D). After the alignment is done, for the following wearing, it is not required to unfasten these two straps.

❺ Secure the four posterior straps in sequence of (1)-(4) (Refer to the arrow instructions on the straps) as instructed in  (Fig.E Posterior Straps). Press the upper and lower part of the brace while tightening up the straps to provide better fit.

ROM setting instruction:

❺For ROM ( range of motion ) setting, take off the Flexion / Extension stops fix cap by gently unlocking the cap from the bottom using the fingers(Fig. F).

❻Select the correct Flexion and Extension stops, place them into the notches according to the FLEX/EXT marks on the hinge,“F” stops in“FLEX” notch, “E”stops in “EXT” notch. For easier application, place the shorter Flexion / Extension stop before the longer Flexion / Extension stop. Take out the longer stop before the shorter one(Fig. G).

❼Re-place the Flexion / Extension stops fix cap (Fig. H)., place the cap on the hinge accordingly to FLEX / EXT marks. Make sure the bolts on the cap are well fixed to the holes, then have the ends of the cap well locked to the hinge (Fig. I).

❽There are two extension buffer stops with 15°and 25°. Those extra buffer stops are designed to help relieve pain and discomfort by slowing down knee extension movement and avoid knee shock feel near full knee extension. Bigger extension range buffer stop (25°) or smaller extension range buffer stop (15°) can be selected according to individual requirement(Fig. J).


1.If discomfort or pain results, persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician.

2.Usage as directed by physician, also operated by professional accroding to physician indication. Do not operate without consulting physician.

3.Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are well fastened while wearing the product. If the hook and loop fasteners cannot be fastened well. stop using the product to prevent injuries.

Washing Instructions:

detergent and cold water, air dry.Do not wash in washing machine or place in mechanical dryer. Do not bleach nor iron.

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