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Portable Nuclear Radiation Survey Detector

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R-EGD Portable Nuclear Radiation Detector

  • High sensitivity, wide measuring range, good energy response.
  • High-speed micro-power microprocessor unit.
  • Digital display dose rate status.
  • Digital LCD display, the highlight backlight.
  • Built 1000 group dose rate stored data can be viewed at any time, power is not lost.

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Product Description

R-EGD is a kind of special device used to monitor X and gamma radiation dose rate of various radioactive workplace. The device has a quite large dose rate measuring range and it increases the function of the cumulative dose, which makes the device more extensive uses, be well received by the majority of users, especially health supervision department users. It uses the latest Cortex-M3 CPU core, the detector using a Geiger counter tube. The device has a wide measuring range as well as good energy response characteristics due to the detector through effective energy compensation.

Technical Parameters:

• Detector: Geiger G-M counter
• Measuring range: dose rate: 0.01μSv/h – 0.2Sv/h
• Cumulative dose: 0.00μSv – 9.99Sv
• Accuracy: 0.01 – 0.2Sv/h≤±15%
• Energy response: ≤±30% (48Kev – 3.0Mev, 137Cs)
• Energy range: 35Kev – 3.0Mev
• Relative deviation: ≤±15% (137Cs) Sensitivity: 80CPS/μSv/h (relative to 60Co)
• Angular response: The instrument does not exceed 25% of the response in the calibration direction at 0° to 90°.
• Alarm threshold: 2.5mSv/h, 25mSv/h, 200mSv/h or set their own
• Alarm sound intensity: >80dB (50cm within)
• Display unit: dose rate: μSv/h, μGy/h, the cumulative dose: μSv
• Power: 3.7V lithium battery
• Voltage indication: when the battery voltage falls below 2V, instructions to replace the battery
• Power: Whole consumption ≤120mW (excluding display backlight power consumption)
• Weight: 700.0g (including battery)
• Size: 35*100*204 (mm)


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