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Classic 12 Channel EKG Machine





U90 supports Wi-Fi and WLAN to connect internet. It is a 12-channel resting ECG, which offers easy-to-use interface, a bright color display and touch operation. It is an ideal option for clinical use.


● 12-lead synchronous acquisition and display 

● 9.7-inch tilted touch screen with grid background

● High-performance chip module makes ECG signal collection more accurate

● Sampling rate: 32000Hz

● A/D shift: 24 bits

● 0.01-350Hz ultra-wide frequency response could acquire signals of patients from pediatric to elder

● With waveform freezing and waveform review functions, clinicians can choose any waveform for analysis and printing

● With report preview function, clinicians can ensure signal quality

● Support reanalysis based on modified patient information

● Support USB/ RJ45/ SD card ports for peripherals and export of data

● Support output of multiple formats

Dicom supported 12 channel EKG machine(001)

Network and Connectivity
Ecnomic 12 channel ekg machine 

U90 could connect to network by WiFi and wired way. The report could be transmitted in PNG/ DCM/ XML/ HL7/ PDF/JPG/ GDT/ ZQECG formats to hospital information system through international standard transmission protocol such as DICOM, HTTP, FTP, SAMBA directly.


What is 12-lead ECG? 

The 12-lead ECG refers to the 6 leads of the limbs and the 6 leads of the chest. The commonly used clinical mapping ECG and bedside ECG both include 12 leads. The 6 leads of the limbs include standard one, standard two, standard three, AVR, AVL and AVF leads. The 6 leads on the chest include V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6.


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