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Woods Lamp

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Portable Wood Lamp, Woods Lamp Skin Analyzer with Light Blocking Hood, Beauty Salon Spa Facial Skin Care Analyzer, 3 Times Magnifying Lamp, Dog/Cat Care, Antique Authentication

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  • The Wood’s lamp or Wood light (black light) is special examination lamp which illuminate the skin and/or hair with different fluorescent color in order to detect and analyses the changes and its meanings.
  • Based on the eponymous American physicist named, this idealderm lamp with ultraviolet light improves the early detection of directional pigment changes in neurocutaneous syndromes such as “White spots” or white spots in tuberous sclerosis complex.
  • The light emitted by a idealderm Wood’s lamp long-wave UV-A light (340-450 nm, Max. 365 nm) is mainly used in the diagnosis of dermatoses associated with a typical fluorescence (tinea capitis, Erythrasma, tinea versicolor, Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections, porphyria and pigment changes).
  • Basic instrument for medical diagnostics skin, suitable for the detection of disease or the assessment of pigment changes in the skin. idealderm Wood light can be used for diagnostic differentiation of melanoma or melanocytic hyperplasia and hematoma. It allows the determination of skin thickness and the moisture condition of the skin as well as the detection of dry skin, vitiligo, solar keratoses, seborrhea, acne, mycoses, and a hyper-or hypopigmentation of the skin.
  • With the idealderm wood lamp, fluorescent foci on the skin can detect or assess pigment changes.
  • In lymphangioleiomyomatosis: LAM and tuberous sclerosis, the first skin lesions such as white spots (hypomelanotische macula) can already be seen with the idealderm Wood’s lamp.
  • This idealderm Wood lamp simplifies the skin diagnosis for each treatment
  • The use of idealderm Wood’s lamp is particularly recommended in the diagnosis of skin redness (Erythrasmen), skin fungi (Microsporum audouinii), bacterial infections (Corynebacterium minutissimum, Pseudomonas) and certain pigmented lesions.
  • With idealderm Wood light the Vitiligo patches can also be easily observed. Above all, it shows if only partial or comprehensive Melanozytenmangel occurred or which extent the white spot syndrome adopted.


  • Thick epidermis White fluorescence
  • Necrosis cells White spot
  • Healthy skin Blue and white
  • Water deficiency (thin skin) Purple
  • Water deficiency Light purple
  • Water abundance Bright fluorescence
  • Dark fleck Brown
  • Oiled part and pimple Yellow or pink


A Wood’s lamp is a small handheld device that uses black light to illuminate areas of your skin. The light is held over an area of skin in a darkened room.

What can Woods lamp detect?

A Wood’s lamp examination is a procedure that uses transillumination (light) to detect bacterial or fungal skin infections. It also can detect skin pigment disorders such as vitiligo and other skin irregularities.

Is a Woods lamp just a black light?

A blacklight (or often black light), also referred to as a UV-A light, Wood’s lamp, or ultraviolet light, is a lamp that emits long-wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light and very little visible light

What do Woods lamp colors mean?

Each color means something different
White = thick corneal layer (excess dryness)
White Spots = dead cells, abnormal skin maturation
Blue/White = normal healthy skin
Purple = thin skin, lacking moisture
Light Violet = dehydrated skin

What wavelength is a Woods lamp?

A traditional Wood lamp is a low-output mercury arc covered by a Wood filter (barium silicate and 9% nickel oxide) and emits wavelength 320–450 nm (peak 365 nm).


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