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Brand: CHINA

Product Code: YXH-5L

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Detailed Production Description

Design with special track structure so as to give more convenience and safety for transportation.

Four wheels are easy for moving on grounds.

The model has two pieces of belts to strengthen the patient’s during transportation.

Mainly used in hospitals emergency centers moving up and down the stairs in emergency.

Only one person can operate this stretcher.

Made of high strength aluminum alloy materials

5H/5L :the size castor :Φ125/75 mm


model Product   size

(L x W x H)

Folding   size

(L x W x H)

Packing size



Load bearing  N.W


YXH-5E 90 x 54 x 156cm 120 x 54 x 30cm 124 x 30 x 56cm   ≤159kg 11.5kg 13kg
YXH-5H 70 x 54 x 92cm   70 x 54 17cm 72 x 56 x 17cm   ≤159kg  8kg 8kg
YXH-5L 131 x 50 x155cm        /   ≤159kg  20kg 22kg


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