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Compact Seven LED Minor OT Light – AZLED200


Compact Seven LED Minor OT Light –LED200

The LED series provides practitioners with bright LED lighting whilst producing minimal heat. These LED lights are the pinnacle of surgical lighting technology. a seven LED minor surgery light with a space saving design which provides bright and colour accurate lighting with peak brightness upwards 80,000 Lux and >95% Ra Colour Rendering Index. Additionally, the LEDs have a rated life of more than 50,000 Hours. This LED OT Light has a revolutionary space saving design with a 200mm single dome providing bright light which is perfect for minor procedures.  Needless to say, this light can fulfil any practitioners’ needs and expectations.

Illumination Intensity (Lux) 0 – 80,000
Color Temperature (K) 4500 ± 500
Color Rendering Index (Ra%) >95
Light Field Diameter (mm) 150 – 300
Light Source 7 x Osram LEDs
Brightness Adjustable
Illumination Depth (mm) 800
Lamp Head Diameter (mm) 200


  • Brightness: 0 – 80,000 Lux
  • Color Temperature: 4500 ± 500K
  • Color Rendering Index: >95% Ra
  • Service Life of LEDs: 50,000+ Hours


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