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Ultrasound Hand Held CS 779




Do you know the number one killer of parental health?

According to surveys, middle-aged and elderly people account for a large proportion of knee pain patients in our country, and the age of onset is showing a trend of younger age. It is urgent to pay attention to knee joint health.

Knee pain
Aches, 11un1bness, pai11 in joints

Effusion edema

Joint swell11g with bone Spurs

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Undead cancer” is aggressive and has a
high incidence

Old cold legs

Vascular stenosis, chills

Not all ultrasonic physiotherapy devices

Are qualified to care for your family

Jacchi Ultrasonic Physiotherapy Apparatus, vibrates by generating high frequency sound
Produces a fine massage effect
So that the pain can be effectively relieved
Let your family no longer suffer


6 Core Funcations Developed for  Pain Releif

  • 3.0 Powerful 3.0 sound Intensity
  • Dual Frequency Switching
  • Soothes Muscles
  • 15W high Power
  • 3 Gear Adjustable
  • Hot Compress Therapy

Intelligent dual frequency 3 gears adjustable

  • 1MHz 82mm
  • 3MHz 27mm


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