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Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5L Rechargeable

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<p>1-5L adjustable ultra-sense pulse flow, 93%±3% oxygen concentration<br/></p>1-5L adjustable ultra-sense pulse flow, 93%±3% oxygen concentration
<p>6.05lb Portable design. Suitable for home/car/outdoor use</p>6.05lb Portable design. Suitable for home/car/outdoor use
<p>Easy and intelligent operation with a large LCD panel<br/><br/></p>Easy and intelligent operation with a large LCD panel

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Accessories For NT-01
✅Extra Nasal Cannula
✅Extra Charger
✅Extra Disposable Nasal Cannula
✅Extra Versatile Bag
Extra Car Power InverterTwo Different Charging Options
✅AC Power Supply- Home/Hotel/ Office/ Indoor Use
✅DC Power Supply-Use in the Car

Varon Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-0Description:

1. Ultra Sense Technology, High Oxygen Concentration 93%±3%

The VARON NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator features UltraSense pulse mode and a 93% oxygen concentration, making it an ideal solution for individuals in need of oxygen therapy. With 5 oxygen flow rate settings, users can adjust the oxygen flow to meet their specific needs. The device provides a stable high oxygen concentration of 93%±3% at any flow rate.

2. Easy Touch Screen & Quick Start Button & Timer

The VARON NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator features a user-friendly interface with a large touch screen. It includes a ‘Grade’ button on the operation panel to adjust the oxygen flow output according to your needs. You can use the ‘Time’ button to set the timer from 0 to 240 minutes. The screen also displays the cumulative usage time of the machine, the power of the internal battery, as well as the breathing sensor light, and safety alarm light, making it easy for individuals in need of oxygen therapy to breathe comfortably.

3. Easy To Move

The NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator is designed with your convenience in mind. Weighing approximately 6.05 pounds, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around the house or on the go. The concentrator features a convenient top handle for a comfortable grip. For even greater portability, it comes with a specially designed-backpack. Simply place the concentrator inside the bag and carry it on your shoulder, allowing you to move freely and perform your daily activities without any hassle.
4. Three Power Supply Options

The NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator offers three convenient power options to meet your oxygen therapy needs in different situations. You can power it with AC power at home, at work, or in a hotel. When you’re on the go, you can use a DC power supply in your car to continue receiving oxygen therapy. Additionally, the NT-01 has a built-in battery, making it even more convenient for your oxygen therapy needs. These three power supply options provide flexibility and versatility, ensuring you can always get the oxygen support you need.5. Service

Experience Confidence in Your NT-01 Purchase with Our Service Guarantee. We stand by the quality of every NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator with a comprehensive one-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and reliable performance. Furthermore, we are proud to offer accessible local service centers across the United States, ensuring prompt parts repair and replacement services. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, as we strive to keep your NT-01 in optimal condition, extending its lifespan for your continued benefit.

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Product Name  VARON Oxygen Concentrator NT-01
Size 7.09″*4.92″*10.63 (L*W*H) Inches
Weight 6.5lb
Power supply DC 12~16.8V; AC100~240V; 50/60Hz
Input Power 75W
Oxygen flow 1-5L/min adjustable
Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
Battery capacity 92Wh/6.4Ah
Oxygen mode Pulse
Noise ≤58dB(A)
Normal working environment Normal working conditions Ambient temperature range:50F-95F

Relative humidity range: 30%-75%

Atmospheric pressure range:860hPa-1060hPa

Storage & Transportation environment Ambient temperature range:-20℃~60℃

Relative humidity range: 10%-93%

Atmospheric pressure range:700hPa-1060hPa

NT-01 Components:
1X Portable oxygen concentrator
1X Instruction manual
1X Carrying bag
1X Tube & nasal cannula
1X Battery
1X AC/DC Adapter

Tips: Our portable NT-01 & NT-03 are Belong to Pulse flow oxygen Concentrator. Pulse flow oxygen is based on your breathing rate, and focuses on the amount and intensity of each breath you take. Pulse technology detects when you are about to inhale and delivers a bolus (pulse dosage) of oxygen at the start of your breath.


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