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Olly Vaporizer Air Humidifier HE21E00 by Flaem Italy

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  • Hot Steam room Humidifier
  • Use it to humidify and perfume your room.
  • Runs up to 14 hours without refilling.
  • Easy to use and asy to clean
  • Silent, and safe
  • It is suitable for spaces up to 25 m2
    General Information

    About this item

    • Features: the device generates sterile steam at 100 ° C which is pre-cooled before the emission which then takes place around 50 ° C, eliminating the risk of sunburn. Suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters it has a large tank with capacity of 4.5 l that allows it autonomy up to 14 hours
    • Specifications: Olly humidifier is equipped with a large container for essences, a maximum water level indicator and night light; it also has steam flow regulation. The heating element is coated with non-stick material for easy cleaning
    • Comfortable and practical: thanks to the long autonomy and the precautions of design and production, this device is comfortable and safe: during use, the topping up of water and essences and maintenance, made easy by the choice of materials
    • Italian design: Olly Vaporizer is conceived and designed in Italy for a pleasant and attractive design; it also meets high production standards guaranteed by certifications and approvals, the result of the harmonization between strict internal protocols and quality and safety regulations
    • Safe for children: Olly by Flaem can be used safely even in the presence of children thanks to the innovative pre-cooling system: Olly, in fact, generates warm steam without this affecting the benefits of humidification of the air and the diffusion of essences

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Product description

The Olly Vaporizer from Flaem is a hot air humidifier that generates sterile steam at 100°C in the boiling chamber, but spreads warm steam to the environment at 50°C in order to avoid potential burns, thanks to this innovative pre-cooling system, Olly is comfortable and safe even for use in the presence of children or people with reduced mobility.

From the manufacturer

Olly Vaporizer by Flaem is a hot air humidifier that generates sterile steam at 100°C in the boiling chamber, but spreads warm steam to 50°C in the environment in order to avoid potential sunburn, thanks to this innovative pre-cooling system, Olly is comfortable and safe even for use in the presence of children or people with reduced mobility.

It is easy to use and easy to maintain thanks to the careful choice of non-stick material for the coating of the heating element which, together with regular cleaning, helps to prevent the formation of scaling. Equipped with a large tank of 4.5 liters it has long autonomy: up to 14 hours continuously, with the safety of self-shutdown in case of water depletion. Also the container for essences and large capacity and the appliance is equipped with a maximum water level indicator and night light.

Its characteristics make this product a valid solution for the well-being of the whole family. Olly Vaporizer is designed and designed in Italy by Flaem, a Brescia company that for over 50 years, through research and rigorous attention to quality, realizes innovative solutions for the care of the respiratory system. The important awards and approvals obtained at national and international level are proof of absolute safety and value.

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Handy and easy to use.

Equipped with Soft-Touch masks with soft edge. Powerful and effective thanks to the two-speed ampoule with valve system.

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Designed and designed in Italy

Flaem is a brand of Flaem Nuova, since 1966 among the leaders in the production of electromedical equipment and household appliances. Flaem Nuova has designed and designed this product in Italy obtaining high production quality and innovation in the principle of operation.

Compact and handy

To restore and maintain an optimal level of humidity in the air, so as to reduce the risk of increased allergies and fight dryness of the mucous membranes and irritation of eyes and skin; this comfortable and handy device proves to be an ideal ally, also assisting the effect with the use of essences to be spread in the environment.

For the whole family

Also suitable for use in the presence of children, comfortable and safe thanks to the emission of warm steam that preserves from the risk of sunburn. Equipped with long autonomy, it also performs the useful function of night light.

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A complete system

The appliance is equipped with a large capacity tank, large container for essences, night light, automatic shutdown system in case of water exhaustion. The heating element is coated with non-stick material for easy cleaning, the innovative steam pre-cooling system allows the diffusion of warm steam at about 50°C.

Suitable for aromatherapy

In addition to the numerous benefits of an environment with a proper level of humidity in the air, this device can also be applied in aromatherapy. The appliance is equipped with a convenient and large container for essences; the warm diffusion of steam will quickly disperse the fragrance of essential oils into the air.

Effective and pleasant treatment

The spread of steam in the environment is very useful, especially in the presence of people with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies, but also for those who simply want to enjoy a healthier and relaxing environment, also taking advantage of the properties of balsamic oils

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Why choose Olly Vaporizer HE21E00

  • A potent solution for the whole family, the Olly Vaporizer is a hot-steam room humidifier that generates a sterile vapor (100°C)
  • Safe as it keeps the temperature of the steam released at approximately 50°C thanks to its innovative cooling system (preventing any risk of burn).
  • Used to vaporize balsamic fragrances in the air through its aromatic essence container.
  • Innovative steam cooling system


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