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Things You Shouldn’t Ignore Before Buying a Sugar Machine

If you have diabetes, then sugar machines or glucose meters are vital parts of your life. You can easily measure the amount of glucose in your blood at home which is definitely a very convenient thing for patients and families.

But the fact is, having the right glucose meter at home can really make a difference in your life. Without it, you cannot get accurate readings which later cause problems to your health. Self-testing is very important. It indicates how certain foods are affecting your sugar level and whether should you exercise or not.

With a glucometer or sugar machine, it’s easy to take a test within seconds. But there are several things that you need to keep in mind before buying a sugar machine. Have a look at a few important factors I mentioned below so you can buy the right sugar machine or glucometer to get accurate readings.

Choose from Different Kinds of Sugar Machines

There are different kinds of glucometers available. It’s best to determine your requirement first, and then decide what aligns with your needs. 

Evaluate self-monitoring meters. This is the most common type of glucose monitor and they help test glucose levels in blood absorbed on a test strip once you prick your finger. 

As compared to other types of sugar machines, the noninvasive glucose meters are currently new in the market and they easily monitor blood glucose levels without even pricking your skin. Let’s say, the Abbott FreeStyle Libre is the non-invasive one that uses a sensor patch on the arm.

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are also common today. They monitor through a sensor implanted under the skin to take readings throughout the day. now, these sugar machines give you constant data and hence never require test strips. However, they operate through implantation and some machines still require finger-pricking for calibration.

Do Not Forget to Check the Accuracy Ratings

Accurate readings are extremely essential when it comes to buying the glucometer. According to current FDA standards, 95% of glucometer results should be within +/- 15% of ‘comparator’ (lab tested) as well as 99% of results should fall within +/- 20% of lab results. 

Now only because your sugar machine is FDA-approved, it doesn’t mean that it will give accurate readings all time. Make sure the meter you buy can self-calibrate. That’s the reason, most people trust the accuracy of Accu-Chek as it has always ranked at the top in terms of accuracy.

Consider Ease of Use

Convenience and ease of use are also very significant factors that you always need to consider before buying a sugar machine. Determine how fast you can get results, and check the size of your meter as well as the frequency of testing needed. For example, if you have a type of diabetes in which you need to check your blood glucose every day a number of times, then it’s important to buy a machine that is easy to use and helps tell how well-controlled your blood sugar level is.

Many other factors can affect the ease of use such as calibration requirements, the ability of your meter to test at different sites, like the forearm or palm, as well as the compatibility with several apps so you can track and monitor easily.

Evaluate How You Want to Record Results

Now keeping proper track and monitoring your blood sugar number is very important. That’s why make sure that your preferred sugar machine comes with plenty of features and has ample storage functions while also allowing you to create and download data logs. 

Many blood sugar machines are linked with popular monitoring apps. This is only because you can store and analyze readings. So, we found that the Contour Next One is a powerful solution for that that comes with several options and features.

How to Use a Standard Glucose Meter?

Using a glucose meter is not at all a difficult task. Here I have mentioned the method to use a standard glucose meter so you can easily perform the test at home.

  • Always clean the meter before use
  • Now you need to remove the test strip and then close the strip container because the strips are fragile and can get damaged easily.
  • You need to wash and then dry your hands, so you can gently massage your hand for improved blood flow.
  • After that, use a lancet (which is a small needle included in your sugar machine kit) for pricking your finger. This lancet will be inserted into your lancing device and set to the best depth for piercing the thickness of your skin. You need to squeeze from your finger base and then place a small amount of blood onto the strip. Make sure you use a clean lancet each time.
  • Now place the strip into your sugar machine. Then after a couple of seconds, you will find that the reading is appearing and is expressed as mg/dL (milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood).
  • It’s time to record the results in your logbook or either on the meter’s software. Make notes about things that might have made your reading out of the range, for example, the food you used recently.
  • Dispose of the lancet and strip.

Benefits of Sugar Machine

Now that we know how to check blood sugar levels using a sugar machine and what things you should consider before buying it. So, it’s time to learn some benefits of the glucometer for better understanding.

  • You always stay on track by checking regularly
  • Avoid emergencies due to very low or very high blood sugar level
  • Long-term success with controlled blood sugar levels

Final Thoughts

If you want to manage your diabetes issue successfully while keeping track of everyday sugar levels, then it’s important to buy your own sugar machine or glucometer so you can have an idea about when and how to check your sugar level to keep on track. 

If you are in search of more equipment and healthcare tools, you can simply visit our official platform for further information.

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