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  • Both cold and hot compress available
  • Convenient use of personal nursing
  • Soft retention after being frozen
  • Unlimited repeat of use



  • Modern medical profession advocates the therapy pf cold and hot compress more and more. It抯 cold compress function can make the surface of human body cold and contract blood vessels, reduce the release of pain-causing substance so as to control and relieve the symptoms. It抯 hot compress function can increase the temperature of the surface of human body and expand blood vessels, increase the blood flow, ameliorate body microcirculation, therefore attain the goal of relieving the symptoms and speeding up the recovery.



  • This product is made up of high polymeric compound and diversified biological elements. It has already passed the inspection of No.3388 from Shanghai Sanitation and Antiepidemic Station and proved that there is no side effect to human body. The scientific prescription makes the bag elastic and it can remain soft for a long time in the minus 20 centi-degrees environment. So it is locally named 揑ce-free Bag?
  • It can be bent arbitrarily according to the applied place when it is used, press close to the joints and muscles to make the treatment more effective.
  • It can adapt unlimited times of alternately cold or hot use after pre-cooling or pre-heating treatments.



  • Cold compress: headache, fever, toothache, sunstroke, scald, muscle scuffing, sprain, trauma haemostasis, beauty etc.
  • Hot compress: arthritis, rheumatism, menorrhalgia, stomach trouble, cervical vertebra trouble, sciatica, and strain of lumbar muscles etc.



  • Cold compress: Use after put in the icebox or freezing box (minus 10 to 20 centi -degrees)of refrigerator for more than 15 minutes.
  • Hot compress: Soak the bag in a container full of water and put into a microwave oven to heat(high temperature)for 3 minutes. Or put the bag directly into the boiling water for 5 minutes to fully heat it.

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