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Masks – one of the most important pieces of equipment used at medical facilities. These FDA-cleared surgical masks in Pakistan are mainly designed to offer protection against splashes and sprays and medical specialists prioritize them to use when they are exposed to any surgical procedure. Protective face masks in Pakistan like KN95 are best against Covid19 and protection against other diseases. Mask prices are usually high on online platforms but Surgicals offers the most affordable masks for every budget.

But other mask types like oxygen masks, Innova CPAP masks, and Ambu silicone face masks are generally used for different purposes. We also feature rescue masks and Thera pearl eye masks that offer further protection against different emergencies. All the masks are best in healthcare settings and offer complete protection and 100% performance.

We have different types of medical masks for sale that are best for almost every need and budget. Visit the entire mask collection online at and choose the products that seem best to your overall medical facility needs.