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Brand: CHINA

Product Code: YXH-7D

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  • Vacuum Immobilization Stretcher Kit
  • This Vacuum Stretcher is made of isolative and cold-resisting PVC.
  • You can rapidly and safely adjust the stretcher to be soft or hard by using the double-action pump, which can be easily and quickly operated.
  • Can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the body in first aid to avoid second injury caused by disordered moving, such as cervical and vertebral hurt.
  • X-ray/MRI examination allowed.
  • Can be used in the patient transportation by road, sea and air.
  • Specially applicable for first-aid centers, hospitals, schools, the army, gymnasiums and stations, where accidents occur frequently.



  • Vacuum Immobilization Stretcher Kit. Model: YXH-7D
  • Product Size: 78 × 39 × 36cm ( L × W × H )
  • Width Head / Middle / Foot: 80 / 88 / 80cm
  • Length: 200cm
  • N.W.: 10kg
  • G.W.: 11kg


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