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Nerve and muscle stimulator TENS Kit – model SDP-330 for Physiotherapy

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Product details of Yuwell Nerve and Muscle Stimulator SDP-300 (TENS Machine)

The YUWELL Nerve and Muscle Stimulator SDP-330 is a modern device designed to provide comfortable analgesic currents through TENS technology while also offering the benefits of slimming and muscle development through EMS. This one-channel device can support up to four electrodes simultaneously. It comes with a built-in, efficient battery that can be charged via the USB port or, optionally, using a power supply.The model is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for both home use and travel.


Comfortable Strength: With 10 levels of strength, you can easily find the right intensity for your needs.

  • Levels 1-3: Gentle strength with a slight current, suitable for sensitive areas.
  • Levels 4-7: Moderate strength, ideal for individuals experiencing moderate pain.
  • Levels 8-10: High strength, suitable for those dealing with moderate to severe pain.

Multiple Modes

  • Knock
  • Press
  • Knead

Smart Chip for Accurate Control The MCU chip provides high reliability, low voltage, low power consumption, and strong control capabilities, and ensures more stable performance.

Rechargeable and Convenient A single full charge can provide up to 300 uses. Multi-dimensional Somatosensory Adjustment Intelligent algorithms control the width, amplitude, and frequency of the output pulses, allowing them to be seamlessly combined for multi-dimensional somatosensory adjustment. Load Detection for Safe Massage Assistance The device features automatic shutdown after 15 minutes of use, ensuring safety during prolonged sessions. User-Friendly Alerts In case the electrode piece is not correctly installed or becomes detached, the device will flash to remind the user to reposition it for optimal use. Preventing Overstimulation In line with the principles of physics and bioelectricity, continuous or intense stimulation of the same area over an extended period can lead to muscle fatigue and potential adverse effects. To prevent over-treatment, the device automatically powers off after 15 minutes of use. Durable and Easy to Clean The physiotherapy electrode features a large area, making it easier to conform to the skin. Its robust wear resistance allows for washing and regular maintenance, enabling repeated use for up to 300 times.


  1. Remove the device, wire, and physiotherapy electrode pieces from their packaging.
  2. Connect the device, physiotherapy electrode pieces, and wire.
  3. Attach the physiotherapy electrode pieces to the desired treatment areas.
  4. Press the “Power” button to turn the device on.
  5. Use the mode button to select your preferred treatment mode.
  6. Adjust the intensity by pressing the strength button.
  7. After use, gently secure the electrode pieces to both sides of the storage board for safekeeping.

Technical data The set contains:

  • 1 Low-Frequency Physiotherapy Device (with battery)
  • 1 Pair of Electrode Pads (Replace after 300 uses)
  • 1 Wire Connector
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Charger

  • Pack Type ,Single Item
  • Brand Classification, Premium
  • power consumption, 1-500
  • input voltage, 12V


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