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Popular Types of Wheelchairs Available in 2022

Of course, not everyone is curious to know what a wheelchair is – we all know that already. But the real question is, how many types of wheelchairs available today? 

I am sure most of you don’t know the answer to this question as the types, sizes, and styles have quite changed and they don’t even match with those commercially styled wheelchairs. 

I think there are hundreds of types of wheelchairs available in 2022. But obviously, we cannot mention all the types here. But yes, you can see all the wheelchair types available at which is an online platform designed to offer different surgical products that make your life easy.

So, if you want to select the correct chair for anyone who needs a wheelchair for mobility and everyday movement, then have a look below and find out different types of wheelchairs for regular use.

Two Main Types of Wheelchairs

There are two main types of wheelchairs available today, manual and electric wheelchairs.

  1. Manual Wheelchairs:

As the name implies, manual wheelchairs are usually operated by the use of hands. You need to grab the hands around its wheels, and then propel the chair forward, backward, and on other pivots. Moreover, manual wheelchairs can also be pushed by other people. For example, if you cannot operate it with your own hands, the other person can do it by standing behind the wheelchair and pushing it with your hands. That’s the reason, manual chairs have proper handles at the backrest.

Now there are different kinds of manual wheelchairs available. For example, WHEELCHAIR X-LARGE KY-874 is lightweight and foldable, and convenient for placing into a car when you have to shift a patient with the chair. Alternately, WHEELCHAIR FULL ADJUSTABLE is also perfect for patients who want adjustable chairs for their convenient mobility. It is a bit expensive but extremely comfortable because its seat and back area is fully padded and come with adjustable features. This heavy-duty chair is perfect for patients who want added safety and comfort and have to spend more time in wheelchairs.

Manual wheelchairs best for people who want to operate them independently and wish to move anywhere, anytime without any help.

But there is also a downside. Some patients can become fatigued especially when they moved around for an extended period without any help. Moreover, constant use of wheelchairs also causes different health problems if a patient sits all day. In that case, WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORT KY-973LAJ is perfect for them. It is extremely comfortable and reliable and best for patients who are required to be moved from hospital to home more frequently. It can be folded and adjusted according to your requirement and is also very easy to move than other types.

  1. Electric Wheelchairs:

Now let’s come to the second type of wheelchair, called an electric wheelchair.

Currently, this type of wheelchair is very popular among patients and families because they don’t operate manually and require no effort to use them.

Electric wheelchairs are battery-operated that propel the patient forward by using different features and controls. When a patient uses a motorized wheelchair like this, they don’t get tired or feel disabled. There are no restrictions with this type of wheelchair like the manual types have. Electric wheelchairs can go without tiring as well as help patients gain more independence. As compared to a manual chair, an electric wheelchair is easy to move and handle.

Many users of electric wheelchairs have complained about only one issue of this type. They say electric wheelchairs are heavier than manual chairs. 

The reason is, that powered chairs come with a battery and motor so a patient can move easily and quickly. There are plenty of electric wheelchairs available that offer the patients the ability to drive around and use hand steering and different controls. This means electric wheelchairs feel more comfortable to patients as they require very less effort to operate.

Some useful and reliable electric wheelchairs are the Electric Wheelchair M90 that 47 kg net weight and is made of durable steel. This wheelchair is perfect for all patient’s needs and comes with 15 km endurance.

Other than that, the Electric wheelchair M80 is also an ideal choice for patients who seek comfort, reliability, and durability. 

And if you are looking for a more heavy-duty choice, then I would also recommend you to go for Heavy duty Wheelchair 90H that comes with swing arms, foldable, EM brake, 28km driving distance, and solid rubber alloy rim. It takes 6-8 hours of charging and operates perfectly without giving a headache for years.

In case, your patient can’t move his hand or feet properly and spend more time on a chair then he needs an Executive Grand wheelchair 90RR that comes with a full independence feature and has a remote adjustable backrest and footrest. This means your patient will be able to handle every movement independently without getting any assistance. 

You can have a look at other types of electric wheelchairs and choose the one that best suits your patient’s needs.

Other Types of Wheelchairs

Other manual and electric wheelchairs, several other options can be considered for every use. 

Some other common types of wheelchairs are:

  • Pediatric wheelchair
  • Sports wheelchair
  • Positioning wheelchair 
  • All-terrain wheelchairs
  • Standing power wheelchairs
  • All-around wheelchairs 

With tons of wheelchairs available at your disposal, it gets quite confusing to find the right chair that best suits your needs. But remember, the only best chair is the one that is perfect based on your requirements. Whether you buy an electric or manual wheelchair, it must be aligned with your needs so you can make convenient movements every day, without even the help of others.


With all the types I mentioned above, I hope it’s clear to find a wheelchair for your patient. If you are still confused, you can ask for professional assistance and our representatives will get in touch with you to help and select the right wheelchair for your needs.

Make sure you visit our official platform once before buying a wheelchair so you can get the right product at the right time.

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