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How to Protect Yourself Against Covid19 this Winter?

Unlike last winter, now we have the power to fight against Covid19 and implement better precautionary measures to save ourselves and our families from this dangerous disease.

But we shouldn’t get too overconfident. There are lots of variants discovered so far which can cause an unimaginable amount of devastation. So, the best thing you can do right now is, to protect yourself against the disease this winter as the disease circulates more extensively in the peak cold season.

I remember, last year when I suffered from Covid19, I applied so many remedies to get a quick cure. Besides medications, steaming was part of my everyday routine. This means you have to do a lot to protect yourself from cold and viral diseases like Covid19. 

Here I have mentioned some easy steps to protect yourself against the disease and how can you overcome the symptoms in the early stages.

Wear a Mask in Public Settings

Wearing a mask will always be mandatory in public settings because you never know who is experiencing the symptoms or have diagnosed with Covid19.

Also, they are a very easy and effective way to prevent the spread of this disease. I know there are a lot of situations when you cannot physically distance yourself in winter like cinemas, busy shopping centers, and cafes, but wearing a mask can pose less risk than completely neglecting it.

Wearing a mask is probably a small step that allows enhanced protection, especially if you are vulnerable to becoming unwell very easily, then wearing surgical masks is definitely the right choice for you. if you want to go the extra mile, then choose a protective face mask KN95 that is made of needle-punched cotton and offers extreme protection against Covid19.

This mask is best for both common people and medical staff. So, you can definitely use it for the workplace, grocery stores, cafes, and other public settings.

Use Non-Contact Thermometers If Experiencing Any Symptoms

Non-contact digital thermometers are extremely beneficial for checking your temperature. They don’t come in contact with your skin which is why there is less risk of getting affected or spreading the disease.

Many hospitals and authorities also use non-contact thermometers so they can ensure better protection. So, in case you are feeling a mile fever or suffering from a cold, flu, or any other symptom of Covid19 in winter, then do not use mouth thermometers as they can spread the infection to other people.

It’s recommended to use a non-contact infrared digital thermometer that gives accurate and reliable readings within 3 seconds. This is a non-invasive thermometer and doesn’t spread any infection from one person to another. Just hold it between two and six inches from your forehead and pull the trigger. You will find a temperature reading on its backlit display.

Use Heating Pads or Blankets if Feeling Severe Pain or Cold

Covid19 is a dangerous viral illness that comes with a lot of bad symptoms. Especially if it’s winter and you are feeling extremely cold than normal, then it could be a symptom of Covid19 as you are close to experiencing flu, headache, and body pain.

In case, you get diagnosed with Covid19, then it is best to use heating pads or heating blankets. Because surely, you are going to suffer from a lot of body pain and cold, which can be alleviated with heating pads. 

Heating pads are available for different body parts. So, if any part is hurting more than others, you can buy a heating pad for it. for example, there are heating pads for the shoulder and stomach and also for back pain and stomach.

But if your full body is hurting, then you can also buy heating pads for the whole body and get quick relief.

Ensure More Cleanliness and Sanitation

This is one of the most important steps to protect yourself against this viral disease. In fact, this is also best for everyday routine. After all, staying clean and following hygiene is excellent for your health.

But when it comes to protection against Covid19, cleanliness, and sanitation gets extremely important and unavoidable. If you are working in a public place like a café or restaurant, then do not forget to clean your hands with good sanitizers. 

Keep sanitizer in your bag and use it very often after touching different objects and surfaces. Other than using sanitizers, wash your hands with clean water more often and remove all the dirt so that when you touch your nose or mouth, your hands remain clean from germs.

It’s also advised to wear gloves. Since it’s winter, you would feel good as gloves also keep your hands warm and cozy, and hence offer protection against diseases.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccination is still the most important thing that can offer great protection against Covid19. I am sure you must be vaccinated by far, but if you are not, then don’t wait anymore. Get yourself vaccinated and reduce the likelihood of getting a severe infection.

After two doses, you can also take a booster shot which offers further protection against Covid19.

Stay Home

I would recommend my readers stay home and avoid public gatherings. 

Covid19 is here and it seems like it will always be a part of our life. It has become a ‘new normal’ today and you cannot get rid of it. The only solution is to protect yourself and follow all the safety measures that can help you stay healthy. 

So, it is better to stay home, avoid shaking hands, and don’t become a part of gatherings or public events where the risk of getting ill is 70% higher.

In the End…

In the end, I would finally advise you to follow all the above-mentioned safety measures if you really want to spend healthy and happy life. Covid19 is not going anywhere soon as there are hundreds of variants that are still not known by even reputable specialists. 

So, the least we could do is, follow standard operating procedures and stay home if feeling any kind of symptoms. This is the only way to protect you and others from the dangers of this disease.

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