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3 Types of Suction Machines Every Hospital Should Own

A suction machine, which is commonly known as an aspirator, is basically medical equipment that is used by professionals for removing different obstructions from the airway of a person, such as mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions. 

These suction devices help you breathe as they maintain a clean airway when a person is not able to discharge secretions due to lack of consciousness or some ongoing medical procedure.

However, there is not only one type of suction machine. There are plenty of types available in the market today that can clear airways and help relax patients within seconds. If you own a hospital, I am sure you must have the three most popular types of suction machines that I mentioned below.

So, without further ado, let’s scroll below and what suction machines are available at

Types of Suction Machines

Have you ever used these suction machines in your hospital? If not yet, then it’s to buy these machines so you can offer patients an ultimate comfort level.

  1. Manual Suction Machine
  2. Digital Suction Machines
  3. Heavy-duty Suction Machines

Now let’s learn in detail about these suction machine types.

  1. Manual Suction Machine

Manual suction machines are the ones that can be operated with hands and there is no electricity required to treat patients. These suction machines come with pedal suction apparatus and are used for artificial abortions and different surgical procedures.

SUCTION MACHINE – FOOT OPERATED JX-1 is one of the most reliable, affordable, and reliable manual suction machines that can be operated on foot and is best for use at home and in the hospital. 

The benefit of using manual suction machines is, that they can be used in any emergency situation especially when electricity is not available. If you want to go for a more advanced solution then SUCTION MACHINE – FOOT OPERATED AMBU TWIN PUMP is a great choice that can be used in adverse conditions. Its containers approximately hold 600 ml, but in extreme situations, the capacity will be unlimited. 

  1. Digital Suction Machines:

Due to the great advancements in medical technology, now hospitals also use digital suction machines that are getting more common each day.

These machines have aspirator and battery technology, which is why portable suction machines are becoming every doctor’s favorite. Patients and medical personnel can now enjoy the benefits of portable aspirators because they are not bulky. In fact, they are very lightweight and easy to move.

For example, there is a SUCTION MACHINE – PORTABLE BATTERY 7305 VacuAide machine that is very small and lightweight and mostly used for bronchial hygiene. This machine helps control infection and is best for both home and hospital use.

They come with a rechargeable battery and have two bottle options available. 

Similarly, there is another choice called SUCTION MACHINE PORTABLE VIVA MEDTRONICS which boasts a new mechanism in which the suction bottle is a party inside.

The machine is very easy to use and carry, which means you can easily use it in emergency situations as well. It also has a handle on the top which further makes it a great portable solution. You can find a fan on the back side of the machine which makes the entire unit cool.

  1. Heavy Duty Suction Machines:

If you want superior performance, solid construction, and reliable design, then I would recommend you buy heavy-duty suction machines for your hospital.

Heavy-duty suction machines are more powerful and reliable than other types of machines. Some of them are portable and lightweight but some machines are heavy and are mainly used as gynecological aspirators.

For example, this SUCTION MACHINE – GYNECOLOGICAL ASPIRATOR LX-840L is a great professional machine that has a transportable medical suction unit, mainly used for artificial abortion of early pregnancy. It is hand-switched and foot-switched, comes with low noise, and highly stable & durable product.

But if you want a more compact, lightweight, and easy-to-transport machine, then SUCTION MACHINE – 7E-23D is a great choice. it sucks extra fluid from your body and is best for the suction of saliva, blood, or mucus. Another great feature of the machine is, that it comes with no pressure flow backward when the machine stops, which means the liquid won’t flow backward.

There are lots of types and sizes of heavy-duty machines available. Click here to find more types.

How do Suction Machines work?

Now that you know all the major types of suction machines, it’s time to get an idea about how they work.

  • Suction/vacuum pump– There is a vacuum pump found within the aspirator which is responsible to create negative pressure and must require for a machine to work properly.
  • Patient tubing is sterile. It connects to the suctioning tip that transports the patient’s secretions to the collection canister. Now after every suctioning session, the sterile patient tubing must be disposed of.
  • Disposable canister – The disposable canister is responsible for collecting the patient’s secretions and has overflow protection if there is too much fluid suctioned out. If you want all parts of the suction machine to remain sterile, then remember, the canister must be disposable.
  • Power cord – If the patient is close to a power outlet, you can also use the power cord for charging your portable suction machine.
  • Filters – If you want to prevent contamination of the aspirator’s inner components, then a disposable canister must support the use of bacteria/viral filters. 

Final Thoughts

Suction machines are unavoidable parts of every hospital today. Without these machines, it’s hard to treat patients with mucus or pregnancy issues. 

So, if you want to provide your patients with great comfort and relaxation, then make sure you buy these suction machines for your hospital so you can make the most out of them. Also, focus on the cleaning of these machines because it is very necessary to maintain them for long-term use.

You can wipe them with a soapy or damp cloth regularly. 

If you want to see more types and sizes of suction machines, it’s better to visit where you can find more versatile products based on your budget and other requirements.

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