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8 Surgical Supplies Every Operating Room Should Invest In

There are a lot of functions every medical establishment performs for treating their patients efficiently. Among all those functions, conducting surgical procedures is probably the most critical and unavoidable one. 

Your hospital’s reputation is judged by the number of surgical procedures your doctors performed successfully. And if a patient or his attendants complain about anything, then remember, it will take years to gain people’s trust.  

Most of these surgical procedures are performed in an operating room or operation theater which is designed specifically for these types of operations that require intense focus, concentration, and time. Therefore, this operating room should be well-equipped with all the ECG Machines and essentials that can help make the procedure successful.

So, whether you are building an operating room from scratch or just replenishing it for effective procedures, make sure the room is equipped with all the essentials I mentioned below.

Operation Theatre Lights

High-quality lighting is extremely important for performing different operations. Without suitable lighting, you can make different irreversible errors that lead to serious consequences. Especially if you are handling complicated heart or brain surgeries. 

Proper Surgical Lights give doctors an optimal viewing while doing the operation. So, in most OTs, LED lights or halogen lights are always available as these lights are very bright and help perform every kind of surgery with a clear and visible view.

O.T Tables

Without operation tables, it is unlikely to perform any surgery as it is the key element after necessary instruments. O.T tables are used for both general and complex surgeries, so make sure you buy the ones for successful operations. 

When you have an OT table, it will keep your patient in place while the whole team operates. If the room has general operating tables, the doctors can perform a wide range of procedures. While other OT tables are designed for some specific procedures, like orthopedic tables. So, make sure the room has both general and specific tables so you can manage things easily and efficiently.


Now let’s come to the most important thing “instruments”. Without them, your doctors can’t do anything to cure your patients. So, these instruments are definitely top on the list when it comes to putting things in your OT room.

There are different kinds of instruments that are designed for every medical procedure. For example, there is a kit for orthopedic surgery called Orthopedic General Set which has all the required items inside and is based on 25 supplies.

Similarly, there are products for gynae operations and are called Gynae Episiotomy Set that has all types of instruments for the surgery.

Instruments tray stainless steel is also an important item that every OT room should have as it helps keep and organize small items like needles and scissors.

There is also a general instrument set available that has 75 pieces inside and is crucial for almost every surgical procedure.

Anesthesia Machine

The anesthesia machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in operation theater which is responsible to provide patients with a balanced mixture of anesthesia as well as life-sustaining gases. This machine is a small apparatus that helps deliver general anesthesia to patients before they undergo any surgical procedure. This anesthesia gas machine is widely known as an anesthesia workstation, or sometimes the anesthesia delivery system.

You can find three different types of Modern Anesthesia machines in every large hospital: Air anesthesia machine, DC anesthesia machine, and Closed Anesthesia Machine.


Ventilators are simply unavoidable. They are the instruments that help patients breathe when they are sick, injured, or sedated for the surgery. This intelligent instrument pumps oxygen into your lungs and stabilizes a patient’s breathing naturally and quickly. 

So, if a patient is suffering from severe Covid19 or any lung disease, then ventilators are a must for patients. This means they serve as a breathing machine that is not only essential for the OT room but also outside to normalize the patient’s breathing.

Ventilators are also available in different types and sizes. Some of the common ones are bi-level ventilators, intermediate ventilators, and critical care ventilators.

Suction Machine

A suction machine is basically a small pump that can be used to maintain the airway while removing different secretions from the patient’s throat, mouth, or lungs. 

This is specifically used in neurological diseases when the ability to swallow or cough or swallow gets affected. Suction machines are mainly used during surgical procedures that involve the absorption of thick liquids, like phlegm and negative pressure suction. Without these suction machines, it’s hard to perform surgeries that involve similar problems.


Defibrillators are also very important instruments in the OT room that can help prevent or correct an arrhythmia. The condition involves an unstable heartbeat which is either too slow or too fast. Defibrillators even restore the heart’s beating if a patient’s heart suddenly stops working. Defibrillators are best to restore a normal heartbeat while sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart.

As these are related to hearts, so you cannot avoid them at any cost as the equipment can help save lots of lives during heart surgery.


Monitors are very important to keep in the O.T room as they help ensure the safety of patients. Doctors can measure a set of patient parameters that reflect the body’s functioning, all through these monitors.

Especially during complex procedures, monitors are very critical to analyze heartbeat and other body metrics.

Final Thoughts

Operation theaters should ideally have all the equipment I mentioned above. There are still lots of equipment like syringe pumps, infusion pumps, and ECG machines, but the above items are definitely the most unavoidable ones for every hospital.

When you have all the above items in your O.T room, then surely you can perform any surgery confidently, safely, and quickly.

If you want to have a look at more surgical products, then please visit our official website, and learn what other equipment can complete the room for surgical procedures.

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