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Products & Equipment that Help Maintain Respiratory Health in Winter

Foggy mornings, chilly evenings, runny noses, and dropping temperatures… Yes, these are some telltale signs of winter that we usually experience every season!

Besides these, what’s more, shocking is, that there is an alarming rise in pollution levels in the country which is now leading to different health problems which also include ailments of the respiratory system.

According to expert specialists, respiratory problems can occur at any age and any time of the year but they appear to cause more damage in the winter season when the temperature drops and you cannot breathe properly due to poor ventilation.

Asthma, cold, and flu attacks also increase tremendously in winter, and susceptible to different harmful infections. That’s the reason, it is extremely important to take good care of yourself specifically in the winter season. 

But after taking good care of yourself, if your respiratory health is weak and you suffer more due to asthma, cold, flu, and other diseases then you need to consider some powerful products and equipment that can help maintain your respiratory health.

Have a look at these products available at and learn how they work and help you gain better health without rushing to the doctor or spending tons of money.

Beurer Nebulizer – IH 55

Beurer nebulize – IH 55 is an ideal equipment for treating the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is best for asthma, cold, and different respiratory diseases. It is also very easy to handle, even for children. Due to its portable features, you can carry it in your backpack while traveling anywhere.

The product comes with a high nebulization capacity (>0.25 ml/min) – short inhalation time which makes it perfect for breathing difficulties. 

The device is fast, comes with self-cleaning functions, and offers effective nebulization no matter how much severe your problem is.

So, if you are suffering from bad respiratory issues in winter and there is no better cure available, then I would highly recommend you to consider this nebulizer which comes with an adult mask, mouthpiece, child mask, and other accessories.

Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporizer

Let’s survive this cold season with Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporizer that is easy to use and simple to maintain. 

This efficient steam vaporizer is equipped with a flexible universal mask that can perfectly fit over your mouth and nose. It operates quickly and quietly and produces steam at a constant temperature with both comfort and efficacy. 

Before using, you can adjust the nebulization performance that best suits your personal needs as it comes with a variable steam regulator slider which presents at the top of the vaporizer right below the mask.

Soothing steam offers quick and effective relief from different winter diseases such as colds, coughs, and congestion. Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporizer efficiently vaporizes saline solutions as well as various essential oils so they can provide a reliable home treatment that seems more effective and safer than steam inhalation over a hot water bowl.

It comes with one button operation and features a short inhalation time, which makes it very useful for asthma patients.

Beurer IH 58 Kids Nebulizer

Unfortunately, children also suffer from respiratory problems. Their issues get severe, especially in the cold season. But this Beurer IH 58 kids’ nebulizer is here to offer great relief and cure. This child-friendly, small, and quiet machine is best for kids suffering from cold and asthma in winter. 

Since it is made for kids, the product is very cute and attractive so children won’t get scared of using it. It also has a small giraffe above the machine which makes inhalation easy for both children and small babies.

Unlike other complicated machines, this product is very easy to use. it is best for treating upper and lower airways or symptoms of cold, asthma, and various respiratory diseases.

With compressed air technology, the product is designed to offer long-term relief. It is also ideal when traveling and comes with a short inhalation time.

Beurer IH 18 Nebulizer

Beurer IH 18 Nebulizer is also an excellent solution for the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is best for colds, asthma, and other respiratory problems. 

It comes with a short treatment time. This means you can get immediate relief in only 6-8 minutes. The design is compact, easy to carry, and portable. 

It also features compressed air technology and has a high proportion of respiratory particles. The product is ideal for both children and adults. 

Above all, it is very affordable for every budget. Unlike other respiratory products, it doesn’t break your bank and you can easily buy it for long-term use.

Tips to Maintain Your Respiratory Health in Winter

Now that we know about all the useful products that help maintain our respiratory health in winter, it’s time to learn some tips that can prove effective in winter.

  • Layer comfortably in warm clothes to regulate your body temperature
  • Keep your hands clean and don’t touch your nose or mouth with dirty hands
  • Follow a workout routine that enhances your lung capacity so you can breathe better
  • Do not smoke or be a part of crowded places
  • Use an air purifier or humidifier for good ventilation at home
  • Stay hydrated and also take steam but avoid other home remedies
  • Make sure your home is free from mold, dust, and other allergens.
  • Consume a nutritious diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, shakes, and juices

Other than following these precautionary tips, is it recommended to use the above products and equipment if you feel that your respiratory health is not good.

Ending Thoughts

Following a healthy lifestyle has become a big challenge today. But trust me, if you don’t do that, you will fail to enjoy a comfortable and healthy life. in fact, you will suffer from different diseases. 

Maintaining respiratory health is extremely important because it is something that can cause numerous issues that can be life-threatening. So, the best way is to get immediate treatment and consider the above products and equipment that can offer good relief in the long run.

If you are interested to see more products, you can visit and check out different equipment for home and hospital use.

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